Blogging For Breadcrumbs

I’m starting a new project and keeping notes this time! At least that’s my intent.

This despite the lesson I should have learned from the story of Hansel and Gretel about the value of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.
Hansel & Gretel

Blogging is a good way to drop the breadcrumbs. So I set up this blog for the project. Thanks, WordPress. In the past I would have insisted on hosting my own blog on my own servers. And probably have decided to write my own blog software before I wrote the first entry. Well, that’s leaving breadcrumbs for sure, since any blog entries I’ve posted have disappeared into the ether with the inevitable moves to new servers or new hosting services. I’ll let WordPress manage the breadcrumbs this time.

Of course, I couldn’t pick the account name I wanted. Someone already picked Not that they are actually using it, of course. So here we have the utterly imaginative

It only took me an hour to find a free blog hosting service, sign up, and post the first two entries. Most of that hour spent trying to figure out why paragraph breaks were ignored when I posted (uh, maybe a browser compatibility issue? because it went away when I switched from Safari to Firefox). Then I installed the ScribeFire extension for Firefox with the idea that maybe it would make it easier for me to post new blog entries. It works or you wouldn’t be reading this.


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