Getting Started With Git and GitHub Hosting

The most popular revision control system for an open source Rails app is Git.

I installed Git using MacPorts with
sudo port install git-core.

After installing Git, I installed the Git bundle for TextMate.

I signed up for Git hosting at GitHub. The process is nearly self-explanatory but I consulted two tutorials, A Tutorial Introduction to Git and Setting up a new Rails app with Git. I discovered I needed to create an ssh public/private key pair on my local machine and add the public key to my GitHub profile before I could push the app to the GitHub repository.

I’ve found two screencasts about using Git wih Rails, from PeepCode and Using Git to Manage and Deploy your Rails Apps from Scott Chacon.

GitHub has their own Git Guides but the best instructions I’ve found for using Git are the Git Guides from the Insoshi open source project.


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